Book Swag: Peg and Awl

Sorry about the posting interruption everyone, it’s been a crazy week. Among other things, my husband won a call in radio contest to go to NYC and see a hockey game (For real, people actually win those!!) As well as watching the Leafs win in overtime (yeah!), we had to make a very important stop at the New York Public Library. And friends, I kid you not, it’s everything we all dreamed it would be. The most beautiful reading rooms, marble foyers, and of course the 2 guard lions: Patience and Fortitude. Which are alright names, I guess. Pretty serious names for lions in front of a library. I would have gone with Arthur and Wilson or Dewey and Douglas, something like that.
Questionable lion naming aside, I urge you all, if you visit NYC, stop by the library, just to look around. The architecture alone is worth it.

Also while perusing the Libraries’ gift shop (I like to support libraries…and gift shops), I came across the cutest jewelry line ever, and the subject of todays’ Book Swag: Peg and Awl. Peg and Awl are a husband and wife team from Philadephia (cute!) and they make jewelry and other items using reclaimed materials like leather from old handbags and couches, fabric from 19th century cushions and wood from old houses. They take garbage and make treasures and I can’t even get it together enough to fill my wedding shadow box *sigh*.

They use these recycled goods to make one of a kind items like this adorable book necklace! Seriously adorable…there are actual pages inside!

Check out the Peg and Awl shop for more book swag like this!
Check out the Peg and Awl shop for more book swag like this!

Check out their website or Etsy shop!