About Me

Hello Internet!

Thank you so much for visiting my little book blog. My name is Kerry, I live in Toronto, Canada with my Husband, my cat and my books. Aside from all the usual “I love music and travelling and reading…” here are a few things that might be worth knowing:


  • Good books and bad T.V.
  • My Handsome Husband
  • A mean cat named Sophia
  • Running
  • Wonderful Family and Friends
  • Strong drinks
  • Chocolate desserts and gossip
  • Videos featuring baby animals who are best friends


  • Weak coffee
  • Snow (unfortunate given my geographic location)
  • When T.V. shows end
  • People who think “watching the movie” is the same as reading the book
  • Snakes
  • Olives (but oh, how I wish I liked them…especially in lovely dishes on restaurant tables)
  • Roller coasters

Kerry and Sophia

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