About this Blog

Baby Kerry loves to readSeeing as I am the poster child for an over-indulged millennial, I feel that EVERYONE should read my blog, heed my words, MARVEL AT MY BRILLIANCE! But, alas, I know that your blog-reading time is precious, and not everyone finds me as entertaining as I find myself.  So, what is this blog about, and who might want to read it?

This is a blog about books. Book reviews, book lists, gift giving ideas (that are mostly books). I’ve been reading anything that stands still long enough since I was 3 years old, and one of my very favorite things is when someone asks me “What should I read?”. People seem to ask me this a lot, and they seem to genuinely enjoy the books I recommend, so here we are, I’ve gone global! You might enjoy this blog if you:

  • Well..you like reading I suppose would be a good start.
  • Have never uttered the phrase “I’ll just watch the movie”
  • Are worried that the “Indigo Recommends…” people might know you better than your family.
  • Bought an e-reader because the alternative was moving to a bigger house.
  • If a perfume called “Books from a used book store” was made, you’d be ALL OVER that shit.

But really, if you want to read some (hopefully) entertaining insight on books and literature, get an opinion on a book you might like to read, check out some book related goods, and read and discuss the musings of a lifelong bookworm, please this blog a try!


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