Goodbye, Fellow Bookworms!

I started writing in this blog because I was missing something in my life. I had a wonderful family, a loving husband, fantastic friends, a charmingly malicious Cat, and the many blessings and advantages of living where I do.

But there was something missing.

My job was, by all standards, a good one.  I was part of the health care system, doing what I had been trained to do, working a full time job right after graduating. But the work I was doing was not challenging, and the nature of it did not allow for much creativity (Rightfully so, while helping to diagnose leukemia is not the most appropriate time to nurture the artist within).

I needed a creative outlet, and I always liked the idea of unstructured, journal-style writing. I really never thought that I would enjoy writing “Hey Bookworm” as much as I did. I figured I would get 3 or 4 posts in and then I would either lose interest or feel the self-consciousness that comes with creative expression.

But here we are 76 posts and 3 years later. Still part of a kickass family, still wildly in love with J, same fabulous friends, the Cat is as much of an asshole as she ever was. Now I have a job that challenges me and frustrates me and makes me want to pull my hair out, but also keeps me looking forward to every single morning. And as much as I love Hey Bookworm, energy is a finite resource best spent elsewhere right now, so it is time to say goodbye. This blog address expires in October, and I have decided not to renew it. I will be creating a little book to keep on my shelves at home so I can peruse it whenever I need a reminder of that time I was brave enough to put words of my own into the universe.

Thank you to everyone for reading my little musings, maybe giving a giggle or two at my dumb jokes, and allowing me to indulge my creative side.

Happy Reading