This Blog Post is Dedicated to my (Loving/Supporting/Giving/Kind) (Spouse/ Family/ Deity/ Cat)

I love interesting book dedications, mostly because book dedications tend to be fairly non-descript.  Authors thank their spouses, parents, children, editors, and their deity of choice. I get it, peeps need to be thanked! If I ever write a book (spoiler alert: I won’t), I’m going to dedicate it to the Oshawa Public Librarians who let me take out way more Sweet Valley High books at one time than I was supposed to. But until then, have a look at these awesome dedications:

“My first stepfather used to say that what I didn’t know would fill a book. Well, here it is.”– Tobias Wolff, ‘This Boy’s Life’

“I want to thank everyone who helped me create this book, except for the guy who yelled at me in Kmart when I was eight because he thought I was being “Too Rowdy”. You’re an asshole, sir.”– Jenny Lawson, ‘Let’s Pretend this Never Happened’

“I dedicate this book to George W. Bush, my Commander-in-Chief, whose impressive career advancement despite remedial language skills inspired me to believe that I was capable of authoring a book.” – Pedram Amini, ‘Fuzzing: Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery’

“To my wife Marganit and my children Ella Rose and Daniel Adam without whom this book would have been completed two years earlier.”– Joseph J. Rotman, ‘An Introduction To Algebraic Topology’

“What can I say about a man who knows how I think and still sleeps next to me with the lights off?”Gillian Flynn, ‘Dark Places’ (Note: Gillian Flynn also authored ‘Gone Girl’- Foolish is the man who closes his eyes around that crazy lady!)

“For Colin Firth–You’re a really great guy, but I’m married, so I think we should just be friends.”Shannon Hale, ‘Austenland’

“For my parents, even though they never bought me a robot.”Prudence Shen, ‘Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong’

“To my brothers and sisters. What…a bunch of assholes.”Chelsea Handler, ‘Chelsea Chelsea, Bang Bang’

“Hi Dad *waves*”– Kiera Cass, ‘The Selection’

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