Plights of a Bookworm #8: Those Damn Loudmouth Amazon Boxes

Dear Amazon,

I would like to bring to your attention a serious gap in your services. One that wreaks havoc on Bookworms (and their relationships) everywhere.

You like to think that you know me, and I will admit that I have bought many items off your “You might like..” list. But if you really knew me, and really paid attention to my buying habits, you would see that I am a book binger.

I will refrain from buying books for a little while, maybe download an e-book here and there and visit my local library. But then suddenly, the urge will strike and I’ll be 10 books deep and trying to figure out if I can smuggle them onto my shelves before anyone notices. You, as one of my preferred book vendors, should understand this.

Not that J is one of those husbands who gets worked up about my expenditures, but If I can save myself the ‘raised eyebrow + sigh + “Are you expecting something from Amazon?”- routine, everyone is happier.

This is where you come in, Amazon. What your customers want, nay, need, is a discreet shipping service!

Think about it. Instead of that box with that damn smirk on it, telling the whole world, and all the husbands, “Your wife spent enough money to fill this giant box 🙂 ” , you can have a box that looks more like this:


Or like this:


Do a girl a solid, Amazon. I can’t be the only one.

…, you’re next.


K. Bookworm

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