Books: The roommate that never pays rent or offers to buy more hand soap.


So, our landlord is putting our house up for sale.Which is basically the worst thing ever and here’s why: We have an abnormally generous amount of city space for an unusually low price. Unless we move out of the city, or I sell a kidney, we need to downsize.

So, no big deal, right? Purge, clean out, sell some stuff, give some stuff away and get ourselves one of those swanky condos all of the other young and childless are getting. So we went to a couple of viewings, figuring that 2 people will be perfectly comfortable in a one plus den. Makes sense.

Upon entering that 725 sq. ft., granite countered, stainless steel applianced, laminate floored cage, I had a vision. It’s moving day. Books in boxes EVERYWHERE with nowhere to house them. And it hit me- We actually need to find accommodations for three: Me, J, and the books. My book collection is the houseguest that never leaves. The roommate I told J would only be crashing for a couple weeks, but now it has its own area set up in the living room, complete with posters and a sheet hung up for privacy. They never pay rent, they never clean out the lint trap and they complain when I make tofu. But I love them and I’ll never get rid of them, so clearly the books are all coming with us. To his peril, J mentioned that perhaps some of my books might be “stored”. We’ve stopped looking for places.

I’ll bet that a well-built, well kept, detached house with a rental unit and a pool in Toronto will take months to sell…right? Right.

Anyway, I have no idea how this is going to pan out, so I figured that the most constructive thing to do is to look at pictures of amazing home libraries! So here we go:

Some incredible home libraries:

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