Plight of a Bookworm #6: The Book Hangover

If you’ve been there, you know how this goes. It’s 2am. You’ve been reading this wonderful book for hours, ever since your 11pm “I’ll just read a few pages before I go to sleep” claim. It was a lie then, and you knew it. And just as you knew you would, you keep on reading, long, long into the night.

You have to be up in 6 hours to go to work/ school/ raise children.

“Just until the end of this chapter.”

Eyes sore, head heavy, arms weak

“I can’t stop now, I need to see what happens!”

Your husband/ wife/ girlfriend/boyfriend/cat is snoring peacefully beside you, after all this time accustomed to being forced to sleep with a reading lamp on.

“I’m almost done the book, I might as well keep going”

Flash forward to the next day: You’re tired. You’ve got a headache and red, dry eyes. Maybe the thought of starting another book makes you a little nauseous. Sitting in a dim, quiet room, wolfing down that greasy lumberjack breakfast, moaning about how you’ll “Never do that again”?

You’ve got a Book Hangover!

Not only are you suffering from lack of sleep and from reading under dim light, but after binge reading a great book, the last thing you want to do is start another right away (unless there’s a sequel of course!) You’re still stuck in that world, still relating to those characters. It would be like suddenly starting a whole new life, it’s almost unthinkable. Just like any other hangover, you’ll want to refrain from any heavy reading, maybe have a nap, read a palate-cleansing magazine or watch some T.V.

But make no mistake, you’ll do it again.

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