From the Huffington Post: 11 Reasons to Date a Bookworm

Next time a certain someone expresses dismay at the overflowing bookshelves, frustration at the constant threats from the library police or fatigue at the 2 hour mark in the local bookstore, perhaps direct them to this handy list, courtesy of the Huffington Post-Books!

Some other fun facts about readers?

  • There is a relationship between reading for pleasure and a decreased likelihood of Alzheimer’s later in life
  • People who read are more likely to exercise, vote and be involved in other cultural activities
  • Reading fiction in particular makes people more empathetic
  • Reading can lower stress hormones and muscle tension

And you don’t have to be a full-blown bookworm to enjoy these benefits, many of these studies define “readers” as people who read 10 or more books/year! And none of them commented on the “quality” of book. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading “War and Peace” or “Gears of War”, letting your inner bookworm out is good for you and it makes you a better date, apparently 😉 .

So maybe some people should stop adding the accusatory “Another?” every time a box comes from Amazon…or Chapters…or Albris.


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