Book Cookin’ Thursday

If there’s one thing in the world that I love as much as I love books, its food. So when books and food intersect, I am one happy camper. Now, this is where you might be expecting an inventory of books about food (which I will probably write eventually). Right now however, I’m going to do something a little different.
Every Thursday (until I run out of ideas and/or lose interest), I am going to make a snack/meal/drink based on or featured in a book. Things like Harry Potters’ Butterbeer and Ratatouilles’ Ratatouille. Feel free to try them along with me, these snacks would be so lovely at a book club meeting, a book-themed party or even just any old Thursday!
Lets get to it!

Book Cookin’ Thursday #1: Megs’ Blancmange (From Louisa May Alcotts’ “Little Women”)
You can follow along with the recipe here

“Mother sent her love, and was glad if I could do anything for you. Meg wanted me to bring some of her blanc-mange; she makes it very nicely”

First of all, if you haven’t read Little Women, shame on you. You can get it in e-book format for free via Project Gutenberg.
Secondly, did anyone else know that this was a pudding? I honestly thought it was like a pastry of sorts. How on earth did these girls always bring this over to people’s houses? It seems like the least portable treat in the world. Anyway, here goes nothing.

1. Assemble your ingredients
Always assemble your ingredients. Because sometimes there isn’t a husband around to make an emergency trip to the store for more butter. My only regret at this point is that I don’t have an apron. How cute would it be to make blancmange in an apron? If this doesn’t work out, I blame my lack of proper costuming.

2. Cook!
Because I’m a rebel like that, I made some modifications. I used the zest of the lemon and left it in, and some vanilla bean seeds instead of extract. All actions that had been done by people who wrote in the comment section of the recipe, so it’s still authentic. 15 minutes later, it’s done! This recipe was actually pretty simple! Go team!

3. The wa-ay-ting is the hardest part

Chill 6 hours? But I want my blancmange now!

4. Hour 6, 8 and 12: Still Just Milk

Maybe it was the lemon zest, maybe I didn’t boil it long enough. No one seemed to have any issues with the recipe itself, so I’m going to chalk this one up to just plain old bad luck (and likely something about not reading instructions well enough….that’s a recurring issue).

At any rate, I’m going to have to call this a fail.

Meg March: 1

Kerry: 0

Whatever, Meg, at least I didn’t marry the help 😉

Next week I go up against the notorious Sam. Sam-I-Am. Get pumped!

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