Plight of a Bookworm #2: “Thanks, but I don’t read, really.”

Once in a while, I’ll be reading a book and it will occur to me who that book really belongs to. The one person I know who simply HAS to read this book because they would just LOVE it. Being that I love my family and friends and I love books, nothing makes me happier than matchmaking the perfect person and the perfect book.

Until this happens:

“That does sound like a good book…but I don’t read, really.”

You don’t read…really?

Hold on. First of all, I know that you really  read because you drove here AND ordered a pulled pork sandwich from a menu without pictures. Also I have yet to see you mistakenly pour yourself a glass of lemon scented cleanser to drink so I feel like the skills are in place.

Secondly, if you watch T.V., you obviously don’t take an issue with storytelling in general. Also, T.V and movies come from scripts….which are kind of like books! So, what’s the problem?

I know, I know. To each their own hobbies. I would probably respond in much the same way if someone suggested they had the perfect baseball card to start my collection or some new rope for the big hog-tying competition.



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