I’m not the type to get all preachy about Remembrance Day. I don’t condemn people who put up their Christmas decorations early as unpatriotic or disrespectful. I wear a poppy but I don’t ask others why they do not. I understand that if you are at home with young children, or working on a line in a factory, that perhaps you cannot take 2 minutes at exactly 11am today to pay your respects.

Remembrance day does not have to be adhered to in any exact way. In my mind, it’s just a little reminder that we did nothing to deserve the freedom that we enjoy. I know that I certainly don’t deserve what I have, and I am thankful to those who won it for me. So today we should maybe just be a little more mindful of that. Whatever shape that mindfulness takes is fine. Take the traditional 2 minutes at 11am if you can. Call up your grandparents if you are fortunate enough to be able to. If you believe in an afterlife, send up a little prayer to those who we have lost.

At some point today, in whatever way makes sense to you, say a little “thank you” to the people who sacrificed what they had so that we could live free.

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