Review Time: The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

The Interestings When you pick up a fiction book without knowing anything about the author, it can be a gamble. You could end up with a “beach read”, which is fine, but nothing you can sink your teeth into. OR you could end up halfway through Anna Karenina without really understanding any of the plot because all the names are Russian and EXACTLY THE SAME!

Anyway…Meg Wolitzers’ The Interestings strikes that perfect balance. A lovely premise and story line, charming, flawed but honest characters and sharp, witty writing. This is the kind of book you’ll read twice and pick up on a number of clever bon mots you missed the first time. This book is 500 pages, but it is impossible to put down and just flies by.

This book follows six summer camp friends through adulthood. Together they encounter life’s bumps and bruises.Themes of Love, Friendship, Illness and the existence of soul mates are explored. I think what I liked most is that some issues that come up are never fully resolved. Some things are messy and stay that way. Its honest and doesn’t pretend like everything wraps up by the end of the book. Its life, not an episode of Full House. 

Verdict: Absolutely worthwhile. Challenging but accessible. Relatable characters and plot with the option of reading into deeper themes. Your next commuter book for sure! 

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